Best Rocking Camping Chairs – 2022

What could be better than sitting on your front porch rocking away a lazy afternoon? Imagine doing the same thing ad your campsite! With these rocking campaign chairs, you’ll be ensured hours of comfortable campsite relaxation. 

Anyone with a few camping trips under their belt knows the struggle of finding a good setting option. Many campsites come equipped with a picnic table, but picnic tables are only comfortable for the duration of a nice meal. Folding camp chairs have been popular for quite some time but while they mark a huge improvement over the picnic table, after an hour or so, they start to cramp your style. 

The solution to the comfortable camp chair dilemma lies in the rocking camping chair. These folding collapsible rocking chairs represent an amazing compromise. With padded seats, lumbar support, drink holders, and even one option with a sunshade, these chairs are the height of campground comfort. And while you won’t be bringing any of these chairs on a backpacking trip (they are a bit heavy) they do collapse down to fit nicely in the trunk of your car, or back of a truck. 

Here are a few of our favorite rocking camp chairs.

Coastrail Heavy Duty Rocking Camp Chair

This dual-threat camp chair is easily converted from a standard folding camp chair into a portable rocking chair with quick snap-on rockers. If you like a chair with a little extra room, this is the choice for you. The large seat is 23” wide and the back is 23.5’ tall. This extra room comes with an extra sturdy frame rated for 400lb.

This Coastrail chair is packed with goodies including extra thick padding on the seat and back, a secure phone pocket under the seat, and an adjustable drink holder. This chair folds flat to into a convenient carrying case sized and 34″ x 23.5″ and weighs 16.5 lbs.

Quick Facts

Weight16.5 lbs
Supports400 lbs
Collapsed Size34″ x 23.5″

Alpha Camp Hammock Camping Chair

Some might try to argue the technicality that this chair is more of a swinger than a rocker but we say to-may-toe / to-mah-toe. This hammock-style collapsable camp chair is so comfortable you’ll burn all your marshmallows before you can pry yourself out of it. 


Don’t let the lightweight look of this chair fool you. The 22mm steel tubing frame is rated to support up to 350 lbs. The rugged yet breathable mesh that makes up the seat ensures you stay cool around a hot fire. Weighing in at just over 12 lbs, this chair folds up nicely for comfortable seating on the go. Get the joy of sitting in a hammock without the struggle of getting out of one. 


Quick Facts


12.3 lbs


350 lbs

Collapsed Size



GCI Outdoor Rocker Collapsible Rocking Chair with SunShade

Never fear a hot summer day again! If you’re tired of moving around the campsite looking for that last little bit of shade your going to love this folding rocker. Bring the shade with you when you set up the substantial sunshade that attaches to the chair. 

This GCI rocker takes an innovative approach to the rocking motion using a heavy-duty spring to provide the motion. This rocking chair comes equipped with all the expected accessories including a drink holder and phone / book holder.

Quick Facts


15.5 lbs

Packed Dimensions

39” x 9” x 8”


Guide Gear Oversized XXL Rocking Camp Chair

This behemoth of a camp rocking chair is designed specifically for the big and tall. Guide Gear believes one size DOESN’T fit all and has designed this chair to support up to 600 lbs. An extra-wide 25” seat and an adjustable pad that can be used for lumbar support or as a headrest add an additional layer of comfort to this foldable chair. 

Along with the extra support provided by this extra-large rocking camp chair comes a few extra pounds of weight. This chair is the heaviest we reviewed coming in at 17.5 lbs.


Quick Facts


17.5 lbs


600 lbs

Collapsed Size

44.5’ x 34.5’ x 7.5’


We’re Anne & Matt, the outdoor adventurers behind DCS Outdoor. We love backpacking, camper van travels, long hikes, and all things nature. 

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